I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

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I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is a life sim with visual novel elements.

Growing up in humanity's first extrasolar colony, you and your family are refugees from Earth flung into a new world of wonder and danger. You have your whole life ahead of you: Will you become an engineer and bring modern technology to this jurassic planet? Or cultivate the alien plants and live in harmony with exotic nature? Battle the massive beasts which rule Vertumna, or nurture future generations of humans?

Your decisions matter; whether to study, learn to play an instrument, obey your parents or sneak out to explore the hazardous jungle. Adolescence is full of awkwardness and clumsy mistakes, but everything you learn will make you - and your colony - stronger. Your memories, decisions and friendships will be at your side when strife is near.

Exocolonist is in early development, aiming for a PC Steam release in 2021. It's gonna have all this great stuff:

  • Stats raising
  • 1000 story events
  • A card-based battle engine
  • 10 dateable characters
  • 25 weekly activities
  • 50 endings
  • Alien pets
  • Awkward confessions
  • Acne
  • Growing up
  • Dying young

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Concept Art


Development Log

Background illustrator needed!

21 October 2019, 3:21 pm

Update: We’ve received a surprising number of submissions from many many talented artists! I’m going to shut this down while we go through them all. Thanks everyone for spreading the word!

Exocolonist is looking for an illustrator for contract work. Mainly to work on the background art for dialog scenes. Sarah Webb started us off with plenty of amazing concept art, as well as part of the backgrounds we need. We were sad to see her go – you can follow her exciting new work at Cartoon Network here!

So we are looking to match an existing style:

Beautiful, right? I love these sooooo much.

There are another 20-30 illustrations left to do (more if we have to redraw the existing ones). This might be something like 3-6 months of full time work, or up to a year part time, working remotely.

Update: I’ll let you know when we have new background art to show!

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The Team

Sarah Northway
Designer, coder, etc
Meilee Chao
Characters, sprites, animation
Sarah Webb
Concept art, backgrounds

Sarah Roland
3d modeling
Lindsay Ishihiro
Creature sprites
Leanne Roed
UI Design, consulting